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The Language

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Hope For The Future

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Luawanna played a key role identifying RITA's scope and reach
during a two-year planning process.

Designed as an agricultural workers information network.


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Photo: Los Angeles Times

Immigration Law
Interview with C-Span

Luawanna Hallstrom talked by video uplink from San Diego about immigration laws. At that time she operated a large tomato farming operation in San Diego that heavily depended on migrant labor. She responded to telephone calls and electronic mail. Ms. Hallstrom has followed U.S. immigration policy since 1986 and she describes how the guest worker program currently being debated would affect her industry.


(April 6, 2006  : 65 minutes)

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The Language of Immigration
Interview With
USD Trans-Border Institute

The Trans-Border Institute hosted a public discussion on the  rhetoric associated with immigration policy. Focusing on the language of immigration terms like 'dreamer', 'alien' and 'illegal.'


 (November 20, 2012  : 43 minutes)

Hope For The Future
Magazine Article
Vegetable Grower

"A California tomato grower fights for labor and immigration reform and hopes to connect the ag community with the rest of the country.

Article By
Rosemary O. Gordon


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(August 2009  : 2 pages)

Before Congress
The House Committee
on Education and the Workforce

Statement of Luawanna Hallstrom on behalf of Harry Singh & Sons, and as co-chair of the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform (ACIR) and officer of the National Council of Agricultural Employers (NCAE).


(July 19, 2006  : 8 pages)

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Luawanna Hallstrom's

testimony before Congress.

Agricultural Labor Crisis:
Real or Perceived?

In 2005, Luawanna Hallstrom
was Chair of the
Labor Advisory Committee.


(September 21, 2005  : 1 page)

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Luawanna Hallstrom's