"I have known Luawanna for 15 years and first encountered her in a role where she was a passionate and articulate advocate for farm worker employment issues (housing, immigration, working conditions, etc.) on behalf of agricultural employers and their employees.  She was fighting the good fight, and was on the right side of the issue, long before it was the widely debated topic it is today.  Luawanna has demonstrated excellent understanding and framing of the issues from her own experience--the family farmer's perspective.  She is always poised, and I never saw her tire, even if it meant coast to coast travel to make the case.  She is a professional with a warm heart and a good head and it has been a pleasure to be her colleague and friend these many years."

"Between federal administrations Luawanna has kept active talking to people on all sides of the issue for the day when Congress decides to act."

Adan Ortega

"If anyone is well-placed to Build Bridges and Create Awareness, it is Ms. Luawanna Hallstrom. This multi-talented community leader has left her mark internationally on television, radio, and in print and has helped draft decisive legislation at the local, state, and federal levels on matters concerning agriculture and immigration. Honored by the Women's International Center as a Living Legacy, Ms. Hallstrom is an excellent communicator and consultant whose experience on Capitol Hill makes her uniquely qualified to lead teams or craft effective speeches and presentations that effectively impact for the better the lives of millions.

Bridget McDonald, PhD, CEO

Women's International Center

Bob Gray, President & CEO

California Agricultural Leadership Foundation

"She has been a featured speaker at the State Department, CSPAN, at the University of San Diego School of Peace Studies, and at Rotary International. If you are searching for an outstanding writer, speaker, or consultant who can best address and work with your team, Ms. Hallstrom is the person to contact. All her work is delivered with the highest professional standards, she is not only a good listener, but a decisive decision maker, she bases her opinions on what is best for the greater good, and her working style is both versatile and focused, based on the challenges posed by the current task at hand. My friend and colleague Luawanna Hallstrom is an adept and active listener and problem solver.  During our time on the California State Board of Food and Agriculture Luawanna led our efforts  to listen to stakeholders statewide in coming up with a vision for the state's agricultural economy.  For her it's never just about planning but about executing even when an issue appears dormant.  Luawanna's involvement on immigration reform is such an example.  Between federal administrations Luawanna has kept active talking to people on all sides of the issue for the day when Congress decides to act.  She is a humble, smart and active participant in many policy forums with a determination to see things through no matter how complex an issue may be."

Adan Ortega

All About Water and People

"I worked with Luawanna during the time that her family business were members of the USD Family Business Forum. She was always such a trailblazer in her industry, trying to do good for all parties involved, while still balancing the day-to-day operation of her family’s business.  Her advocacy work for migrant workers has been extraordinary and resulting in changed legislation for the betterment of all working conditions.  Luawanna is such a wonderful, gentle, caring person that is very committed to ensuring that individual’s rights and voices are heard.  Great work Luawanna!"

Jodi Waterhouse

Director, Corporate and Professional Education

University of San Diego

"I have been impressed with Luawanna Hallstrom’s grace under fire and ability to communicate complicated material in a straightforward, compelling manner since I first worked with her in 1987. Her skills in government relations, advocacy, and industry relations are unrivaled. In short, her passion, professionalism and overall competence make her the ideal team member."

Barbara Metz, Principle

Metz Public Relations,
San Diego, California